We believe that great leaps in learning can come with personalized support.  Partner that with a program that teaches students how to handle those uncomfortable feelings like anxiety, stress, and anger, and you can help a child reach their fullest potential.  Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises can help: increase concentration, lower stress, improve body control and awareness, improve confidence.  The students will be practicing a series of very simple movements connected to their breathing. We add activities like writing, art, and music because when children can express themselves, they become confident and powerful. And we don't just help students...we want to share these practices with the adults in their lives too!

We are currently implementing a short 20 minute session daily with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, are struggling with controlling their anger at school, have anxiety, panic attacks, or just need a moment to breathe. These sessions typically consist of a short talk about the issues they're struggling with, a few poses and breaths to help them get control of their body and mind, and a 5 minute meditation.  The students learning to use these tools are improving in the classroom. 

Mindful Moment & Behavioral RTI

Many Hammond schools including Morton Elementary and Jefferson Elementary are offering a program involving yoga, mindfulness, homework help, and creativity.  Currently, Morton Elementary has assistance from Morton High school students.  Students chosen for this program are identified as struggling with varying levels anxiety by their teachers or parents.

After School Superhero Training

We are available to train your staff! Trainings can vary in time anywhere from 30 minutes to full two day trainings. The Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers has approved our 3 hour program training for CEUs. We can share information that is catered to the needs of your organization.  Our talks include a short PowerPoint explaining Superhero Training and Supply, Inc., instruction in breaths, poses, and a meditation that can be used to calm and concentrate students. We also share current published research about the benefits of these activities included the most current information available about neuroplasticity and instruction in focused attention practices and brain breaks.

Contact us so that we can tailor our presentation to your organization's needs. 

Professional Development/Trainings