I feel like I don't want to punch my brother. I also feel happy. -4th grade student

She  helps me relax and helps me feel more calm. I love it when she comes in. I hope she comes in everyday. - 4th grade student

I really like yoga because it actually helps me a lot to calm down and the pain also goes away. -4th grade student

The meditation sessions made me feel nice.

​-1st grade student

It is really relaxing and today I was thinking of lots of stuff and my head hurt. I did that holding your nose and breathing and it calmed me down. It also puts me in a good mood after she comes. -4th grade student

I feel very calm and relaxed like I can face the rest of my day. I can handle the little things and be more patient. - 4th grade teacher

I feel relaxed. I had a really bad headache but after meditation I don't. I really want to thank you because meditating helps me with my anger and stress. -4th grade student

She really makes me relaxed and calm everyday she comes. She helps my teacher because after she leaves the class is very calm, relaxed and quiet. Yesterday I tried it on my parents and they also got relaxed and calm. -4th grade student

She calms me and she teaches us cool yoga moves. The yoga moves are fun to do.

-4th grade student